Q; How often should I have my chimney swept?

A; This can vary depending on what you are burning, for normal use during the winter months once a year should suffice however the recommendations are as follows:

  • Wood – Quarterly when in use
  • Coal – At least twice a year
  • Smokeless Fuels – At least once a year
  • Biomass – At least once a year
  • Oil -At least once a year
  • Gas – At least once a year

Q; How should I prepare for my chimney to be swept?

A; You should not have a fire at least 24 hours prior to the sweep as the fireplace/stove needs to be cool.

The grate should also be clear of ash.

If you have any pictures or ornaments on the mantle piece or half it is advisable to remove these until after the chimney has been swept

Q; What is the best types of wood to burn on my fire or in my stove?

A; Most wood that is well seasoned should burn well.  Unseasoned wood with too high a moisture content produces more smoke and therefore more tar and creosote as it burns, the tar and creosote then sticks to the inside of your flue increasing the risk of chimney fires.  The moisture content should be below 20%, moisture meter is a good investment.

Q: What do you Charge?

A; Prices start from £50 per chimney with discount for multiple flues.

Q; What type of payments do you accept?

A; You can pay by cash, cheque or make card payments