Stove and fire tips

As already mentioned only use dry seasoned wood, that is stored out of the rain, off the ground and with good air flow around the wood.

Avoid burning treated woods such as pallets and fences as the chemicals they are treated with produce toxic fumes the smoke of which can be damaging to your flue.

Stove care

Stoves can be an expensive investment and if looked after will last a life time, to ensure it performs to its full capacity and efficiency look after it as you would your car.

  • Have it serviced by a HETAS qualified sweep or installer
  • Use wood ash on a damp cloth to clean your stove glass
  • Use a stove temperature gauge to ensure that you are not burning your stove too hot which can damage it or too cool which contributes to the build up of tar and creosote in your flue which can lead to chimney fires